Drs. Emily Dakin, Kelly Williams, and Maureen MacNamara Complete Needs Assessment


Congratulations to Social Work Faculty Drs. Emily Dakin, Kelly Williams and Maureen MacNamara who completed their needs assessment of LGBT older adults in rural southern Appalachia, a project that culminated in three articles and five conference presentations! In addition, two former MSW students, Stevie John ‘16 and Natalie Blackwelder ‘17 were authors on three conference presentations. The article titles and links are outlined below:


  1. The first article is titled Social Support and Social Networks among LGBT Older Adults in Rural Southern Appalachia (Dakin, Williams, MacNamara). 
  2. The second article is titled LGBT+ Older Adults in Rural South Central Appalachia: Perceptions of Current and Future Formal Service Needs (Williams, Dakin, Lipschutz). Former MSW student Audrey Lipschutz ‘21 is co-author of this project. 
  3. The third article is titled Religious and spiritual journeys of LGBT older adults in rural Southern Appalachia (Dakin, Levy, Williams). Our own Dr. Denise Levy, BCHS Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, is co-author of this publication. 
Published: Nov 3, 2021 1:31pm