Social Work and Nursing Students - Serving Meals with Dignity in New York City

A group of Social Work and Nursing students, along with their professors, spent a week in New York City and volunteered with the All Souls Unitarian Church Monday Night Hospitality program. Below is a write up on the volunteer group in the organization's monthly newsletter.

"In May, a volunteer team from a leading Nursing and Social Work School – part of Appalachian State University joined us again on what has become an annual donation of service. These are wonderful students (and their professors) that have already decided on a life of service. Their school is in the Blue Ridge Mountains and a bit far from major cities, so serving in New York City is a truly exciting opportunity for them. For many of them their career choices may involve helping those who are in as much need as our guests. We would be fortunate to have any one of them join a New York health institution. Our senior social worker, John Sheehan, LCMSW, provided a lecture on urban poverty and the medical issue faced by the homeless in New York. The students will then join him at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church for a longer lecture on the health issues facing those of limited means living in shelters and on the streets."

More information on Monday Night Hospitality can be found here.

Thank you to our students and faculty for their hard work and dedicated service while in New York!


Published: May 28, 2019 2:07pm