Community Services

Engagement and Involvement in Community


The Social Work Care Collaborative was established in the Spring semester of 2019 through the IHHS Interprofessional Clinic to support members of our community while providing students with a quality field experience with activities on the individual, groups, community, and organizational levels. We partnered with other departments in the Beaver College of Health Sciences, other colleges, community members, organizations and agencies to help fill areas of service gaps and to assist other groups in meeting or extending their identified service goals.  



Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree level Social Work students are available to provide:

  • Assessments

  • Intervention and treatment

  • Supportive and goal-oriented counseling

  • Case management/systems navigation

  • Referrals to relevant Appalachian State programs, community agencies or services 

  • Program or resource development

  • Advocacy

  • Training

  • Education

  • Consultation for faculty, staff, students, or parents

  • Community and organizational development

  • Professional education

Interns provide services to community members, on and off campus students and students in online learning.