Aging Well Screenings

Aging Well Support Program

The BCHS Interprofessional Clinic is accepting appointments during the school year (August - April) for their Aging Well Assessment Program. Students from multiple departments work together to provide assessments that are provided free of charge and may not typically be offered by your doctor.


The program will be monitoring health indicators that relate to aging, such as cognition/memory, balance/fall risk, behavioral health, and nutrition. Participating regularly in the Aging Well Assessment Program will allow participants to track these health indicators on a regular basis and share any changes with their primary care provider. Participants can use information from the results of these screenings to learn ways to improve functioning and health!


Those performing the assessments are Appalachian State University students who are training for their health careers. These screenings are provided at no cost and are available to anyone in the community, regardless of age or university affiliation. Everyone can benefit from these screenings, whether you are in your eighties and concerned about fall risks or in your thirties and want to be proactive about your health!