Trauma & Resilience Presentations

Psychoeducation and Outreach


Part of our role at the Interprofessional clinic is to provide psychoeducation and outreach to the community. One of the ways we accomplish this is through our partnership with the Watauga Compassionate Community Initiative, or WCCI. The mission of WCCI is to promote health and resiliency in our community and to effectively prevent, recognize, and treat trauma by creating safe, stable, nurturing environments and relationships through education, advocacy, and policy change. The Social Work interns at the Interprofessional Clinic are available for private and public presentations on the impacts of trauma and the effects of toxic childhood stress, or ACEs, which are Adverse Childhood Experiences. 


If you would like to request a presentation by the Social Work interns, please send an email to


To request a presentation by WCCI, please complete their request form.

Visit the Watauga Compassionate Community Initiative website here.