Student Association of Social Workers (SASW)

The mission of the Student Association for Social Work is to promote awareness of the Social Work field, academic achievement, understanding, and opportunity for professional and personal growth.

The SASW provides a forum through which Social Work majors can interact, exchange ideas, and participate in campus and community service projects. Organizational members work closely with faculty members of the ASU Social Work department and other professionals in the Social Work field to facilitate greater understanding of social work.

This club is open to any ASU student who would like to explore this unique and challenging field. Events are held throughout the year which allow for social interaction and fun!

If you are interested in joining our organization or have questions, please e-mail one of our officers below:

If you would like to visit the Chapter's Facebook Page please click here

Spring 2016 Meeting Schedule

  • Every Tuesday at 7 pm
  • All meetings are in Edwin Duncan room 227

For more information about SASW, or to find service opportunities, pay dues, order graduation cords, and find weekly meeting materials, visit our SASW webpage.