Advising Tips for Distance Students

  • Students are expected to make contact every semester with their departmental advisors.  You can find your advisor’s name via DegreeWorks.  Advisors will assist with career and course planning.  In addition, students are responsible for ensuring that they meet graduation requirements (DegreeWorks is helpful).
  • Distance programs are offered using a cohort model.  Students who do not earn a C or better in SW courses must repeat the course.  This will mean moving to another cohort or to campus.  Please review the policy on the number of course repeats allowed (under Academic Standards in the BSW Student Handbook).
  • Distance students should work closely with their advisors regarding plans for completion of cognate courses and general education courses.  Students should plan to have all cognates and gen education coursework completed within the first semester or two of BSW courses. 
    • Cognate courses:  Most distance students take their cognate courses at a community college.  Please see the table below for courses that will transfer in as cognates:
ASU Course NumberCommunity College Course Number*
BIO 1102*BIO 112 (BIO 111 is likely a prerequisite for BIO 112)
ECO 2030*ECO 251
PSY 1200*PSY 150
SOC 1000* or SOC 1100*SOC 210 or SOC 220t
PSY 2212 or SOC 2020PSY 281 or SOC 242
ANT 1415 or ANT 2420ANT 220 (no equivalency for ANT 2420)

*Prerequisites or corequisites for SW courses (see below for prerequisite information)

    • General education:  Gen Ed requirements may be met by an AA (Associate of Arts), an AS (Associate of Science), or the 44 core.  Students must submit transcripts to Ms. Tina Parlier showing that the degree is complete (see address below).  Note that an AAS does NOT meet ASU’s Gen Ed requirements.
  • Please attend to prerequisites for all courses and plan accordingly.  Some of these are listed below. 
    • BIO 1102 is a prerequisite for SW 2630.
    • PSY 1200 and SOC 1000 or 1100 are prerequisites for SW 2630 and SW 3000.
    • ECO 2030 is a prerequisite or corequisites for SW 3330.
  • Students requesting prerequisite waivers or course substitutions should talk with their advisors first.  After talking with your advisor, an e-mail request should be sent to the BSW Program Director copying both the student and advisor with the following information:
    • Prerequisite waivers:  Please provide an explanation of why the waiver is needed and the plan for completing the prerequisite.  Please note: permission to take a class does not guarantee a seat in the course.
    • Course substitutions:  Please provide the official course description of the course taken as well as the name/number of the course you want it to substitute.  A syllabus may be requested.
  • Students must have at least 122 total hours to graduate.  The Department of Social Work offers at least 52 hours of SW courses.  Students must also have at least 50 hours from a senior institution.  All other hours can be obtained through the community college.  Students can review their current hours and coursework in DegreeWorks.
  • Enrolled students should send transcripts to this address after completing courses at community colleges.  Note that this is a different address from where you submitted transcripts during the admissions process:  Tina Parlier, Appalachian State University, College of Health Sciences Student Services Center, ASU Box 32147, Boone, NC 28608.
    • Students can see what transcripts have been received by ASU by going to Transfer Coursework Evaluation (Appalnet, Self-Service, Faculty Services, Advisor Menu OR Appalnet, Self-Service, Student, Student Records).