Bachelor of Social Work Honors Program

The Department of Social Work offers an honors program composed of nine or more disciplinary hours of honors work including a minimum three semester hour honors thesis. Disciplinary honors courses are offered at the foundation and professional sequence course levels in the department. Enrollment in the social work honors program is by permission of the Departmental Honors Director. To graduate with 'honors in social work' a student must be a major, have maintained an overall grade point average of 3.5 and an overall social work grade point average of 3.5, have no grade less than a 'B' in any departmental honors designated courses, and have completed a departmental honors thesis.  

Alternatively, students can earn Honors credit for a non-honors section course by contracting with the Professor for an enriched academic experience. The student completes extra work, as assigned by the Professor, and receives honors credit if a grade of C or better is received in the course. Students wishing to take a course under a contract should contact the Departmental Honors Director in consultation with the class instructor to request the contract and arrange the course requirements.

The thesis must be completed prior to the field semester.

Students who are interested in pursuing departmental or departmental and university honors will work with the Departmental Honors Director to meet all requirements. For more information about Departmental Honors contact Dr. Emily Dakin at