Helpful Information about Graduate Electives

Appalachian’s MSW Program of Study includes completion of two graduate electives that can be selected from any department or program at ASU.  Most MSW students complete these graduate electives while completing courses in their designated concentration and their designated “cross-over” courses from the opposite concentration. 

 For these graduate electives, there are a few options:

  1. Some MSW students may decide to complete all four courses from the opposite concentration. If they elect this option, two of those courses will “count” as their “cross-over” courses and two will “count” as their graduate electives;
  2. Some MSW students may decide to complete two graduate social work elective courses.  These are SW 5270: School Social Work, SW 5245: Social Work Practice in Health Care, study abroad courses in social work, and SW 5530-5549: Special Topics courses in social work, and; 
  3. Some MSW students decide to complete two graduate electives from other ASU departments or programs that will complement their MSW coursework. 

 Below are a number of departments and programs that offer graduate courses of interest to ASU’s MSW students.  Descriptions of the courses can be found in the Graduate Bulletin under the respective department or program: