Undergraduate Advising

First, you will need to declare your major as social work if you have not already done so. Once your declaration as a social work major is processed, you will receive a welcome letter identifying your departmental advisor. Students should meet with their advisors as soon as possible to develop an advising plan.

Procedures and policies for departmental advising and registration are outlined in the BSW Student Handbook (PDF).

Students are expected to meet regularly with their Beaver College of Health Sciences advisors. Students also will be assigned a Department faculty mentor. You can find your advisor’s name via Appalnet, self-service, student, registration, check your registration, current term.

Advisors will assist with career and course planning. Faculty mentors will guide students with their professional social work goals and graduate school planning. In addition, students are responsible for ensuring that they meet graduation requirements. DegreeWorks can assist you with this.

Students may have interests in school social work, child welfare, health, or other topics covered in electives. Please consult with your advisors early to plan for electives in school social work and child welfare. For more information about school social work or child welfare contact Kayla Warren, MSW at

Course requirements and prerequisites are available in the undergraduate bulletin.

Graduate Advising

Advising and consultation are integral to the professional development of MSW students. The MSW Program Director is typically the advisor for all MSW students.

For more information on departmental graduate advising and registration, please contact the Program Director:

MSW Program Director
Deborah Phillips, PhD
526 Leon Levine Hall

Additional information can be found in the MSW Student Handbook (PDF).

Course descriptions and requirements can be found in the graduate bulletin.

Social Work Field Education

Information regarding Social Work Field Education can be found in the following student manuals:

For more information, contact the Social Work Field Director:

Field Director
Heather Thorp, Ed.D, LCSW, REAT
528 Leon Levine Hall