Write Social Work

What is Write Social Work?

The Write Social Work office is staffed by MSW Graduate Assistants who are eager to help both BSW and MSW students with improving their writing skills. The assistants can go over any electronic documents with you during online hours or during scheduled Zoom appointments. 


  • Include "Write Social Work Assistance" in the subject line of your email.
  • Send your work to the assistants at least 3 business days before it is due. You can send earlier than this, but not after. It will NOT be looked at.
  • Assistants will ONLY look at the first 6 PAGES of a document and specific concerns you have (such as APA formatting, changing sentence structure, or punctuation).
  • All work and feedback will remain confidential within the Write Social Work team and student.

Write Social Work Graduate Assistants:

Kaitlyn Lightfootlightfootk@appstate.edu

Office Hours: Weekdays by appointment only.


Domenica Terinoni | terinonidc@appstate.edu

Office Hours: Weekdays by appointment only.

Write Social Work FlyerDownload Flyer (PDF, 1037 KB)


Questions can also be directed to the Faculty Supervisor, Dr. Kelly Williams, williamska3@appstate.edu.


Also, see the following links for helpful writing guides:

Library Guide for Doing Research in Social Work

APA 7th Edition Resources (PDF, 75 KB)

APA 7th Edition Quick Reference Guide (PDF, 1449 KB)