Advising Tips for Social Work Majors

  • First, you will need to declare your major as social work if you have not already done so.  There is an online form for initially declaring your major (declaring a major for the first time) and a form for changing your major (print and submit the change of major form to the BSW Program Director).  After your form is processed, you will receive a welcome letter identifying your departmental advisor.  Students should meet with their advisors as soon as possible to develop an advising plan. 
  • Please review the BSW website, and especially the BSW Student Handbook (located on the main page) and the “What to Expect as a Social Work Major” tab.
  • Students are expected to meet regularly with their Beaver College of Health Sciences advisors. Students also will be assigned a Department faculty mentor. You can find your advisor’s name via Appalnet, self-service, student, registration, check your registration, current term.  Advisors will assist with career and course planning.  Faculty mentors will guide students with their professional social  work goals and graduate school planning.  In addition, students are responsible for ensuring that they meet graduation requirements.  DegreeWorks can assist you with this (visit for questions about DegreeWorks). 
  • Students may have interests in school social work, child welfare, health, or other topics covered in electives.  Please consult with your advisors early to plan for electives in school social work and child welfare.  See the “Child Welfare Basics.pdf” on the BSW Field Education page for additional information on child welfare, and contact Dr. Kellie Reed Ashcraft at for additional information on school social work.
  • Please attend to prerequisites for all courses and plan accordingly.  Some of these are listed below. 
    • In order to take professional sequence courses (3330, 3850, 3870, 4000, 4010, 4020, 4650, 4690, SW elective), students must first be accepted to the professional sequence and complete the five foundation social work courses (2010, 2020, 2615, 2630, 3000) with a C or better.  Students completing the foundation level courses in the spring or summer should apply for the professional sequence by April 1.  Students completing the foundation level courses in the fall should apply by November 1.
    • The first research course (3850) must be completed successfully before moving on to the second research course (3870).
    • All courses must be completed successfully before the last semester of field, when students take SW 4650 and 4690.
  • If you want to complete coursework within two years, please consider the suggested two year plan below (for major courses only) that assumes all prerequisites for required courses are met (such as BIO 1102 for SW 2630).  This plan incorporates major prerequisites mentioned above.
Semester 12010, 2020, 2615, 2630, 3000
Semester 23330, 3850, SW elective
Semester 33870, 4000, 4010, 4020
Semester 44650, 4690 
  • Transfer students should work directly with the Office of Transfer Services ( to ensure classes transfer correctly. 
    • If courses listed on the social work program of study / checksheet do not transfer as expected, contact the BSW Program Director using the substitution procedures outlined below. 
    • Transfer students who do not have CCC CORE, DEG CORE, or GEP MET status and have brought in non-major elective credit, can email Kristin Hyle, Assistant Director of General Education ( with their names and banner id #s.  After further review, students may receive additional General Education credits.
    • Please note that enrolled students who want to take courses away from ASU (such as taking a summer course in their home community) must complete the Visiting Coursework Form at under Forms.
  • Students requesting prerequisite waivers or course substitutionsshould meet with their advisors first.  After meeting with your advisor, an e-mail request should be sent to the BSW Program Director copying both the student and advisor.
    • Prerequisite waivers:  Please provide an explanation of why the waiver is needed and the plan for completing the prerequisite.  Please note: permission to take a class does not guarantee a seat in the course.
    • Course substitutions:  Please provide the official course description of the course taken as well as the name/number of the course you want it to substitute.  A syllabus may be requested.
    • The BSW Program Director is available for consultation on waivers and substitutions if needed.