Policies for Social Work Students

The Appalachian State University Department of Social Work website, student handbooks, and field manuals are intended for information purposes only and do not constitute a contract between the University and the student. While this website presents policies and programs as accurately as possible, the department reserves the right to revise any section or part without notice or obligation.  Changes in degree requirements do not affect students already enrolled in a degree program, although adaptations may be needed.  Degree requirements can be found in the Undergraduate or Graduate Bulletin and Program of Study for the student's year of admission to the university.  Changes in departmental and academic policies become effective for all students on the date approved for implementation, therefore all Social Work students are subject to those policies as posted herein.  

Professional Behavior: In order to meet our responsibilities to provide quality professional education and to ensure that our graduates are able to function in a broad variety of professional situations, the Department of Social Work has set forth additional standards for students in the BSW and MSW Programs. The department carefully evaluates the performance of admitted students in five general areas: 1) Scholastic; 2) Professional Identity and Self Awareness; 3) Ethical Behavior; 4) Interpersonal Relationship Skills; and 5) Commitment to Diversity, Social Justice, and Human Rights. Failure to meet these academic standards may result in dismissal from the program. Additional information on these standards can be found in the BSW and MSW Student Handbooks.

Confidentiality: It is anticipated that students enrolled in social work courses or those who have declared a social work major will have exposure to social services clients and/or agency records during the education process. In preparation for this, students are informed of the need and requirements for confidentiality early in each semester and prior to their first day of Service Learning and Field Education experiences. Students are reminded that as they share experiences in the classroom setting it is important to be aware of and conform to agency policies regarding confidentiality.

Grievances: Students who are dissatisfied with any academic decision are expected to follow university-wide and departmental grievance procedures as outlined in the BSW or MSW Student Handbooks. If students have any concerns related to their coursework or classroom performance, please see the instructor first regarding your concerns as discussed in the internal grievance policy (see the BSW or MSW Student Handbooks).

Electronic Devices: "With the exception of medically necessary assistive devices and certain approved emergency communications and warning devices operated by authorized law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency medical personnel, "first responders," or other emergency personnel, ALL personal electronic communications and entertainment devices in the possession of students will be turned OFF during class. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action. Such action may, at the discretion of the instructor of record, include a warning, dismissal from class for the day of the infraction, a reduction in the grade for the class, or referral to the Office of Student Conduct. No part of this policy is intended to conflict with established policies of ASU or a student's right to due process as stated in the Code of Student Conduct, the Student Handbook, the Appalachian State University Undergraduate Bulletin, or the Appalachian State University Graduate Bulletin." (Social Work Departmental Policy Regarding the Use of Electronic Devices in the Classroom, 2006).

Snow/Inclement Weather: Appalachian State University reserves the right to cancel classes during inclement weather. AppalNet and http://www.appstate.edu/ will be the primary sources for information should the university's operating schedule change. In addition, a recorded message announcing a change in normal operation will be available at (828) 262-SNOW. When classes are canceled due to snow, students should still complete all assignments due that day and be ready to turn them in. The professor may provide instruction via e-mail regarding how to turn assignments in.